Sunday, November 1, 2009

Carnival Triumph Visit

One of the great things the cruise lines do is allow their travel partners to tour cruise ships when they are in port.  This allows the travel agent community to experience the product they are selling and allows them to give the the client a first hand experience without having to pay for a cruise.  Living in New England, the number of cruise ships that pass through Boston is limited to cruises stopping on their way to Canada and cruises that leave Boston going to Bermuda.  I recently went on my first ship inspection with Carnival when the Carnival Triumph came into town on a port day during her 7 day New England and Canada cruise.

The Carnival Triumph is a beautiful ship that is kept together very well.  I was able to view all of her public rooms on a self-guided tour of the ship.  Then we met back in the lounge where our regional business development manager gave us an update on Carnival.

The best part of the tour was I got to have my most favorite cruise ship dessert, Carnival's warm chocolate melting cake.  If you have ever been on a Carnival cruise, you know what I mean!!!

The Triumph is currently cruising out of my favorite cruise port New Orleans.

To see some pictures I took, click here: Carnival Triumph

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