Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cheap Holiday Travel

The headlines out there are all saying that the airlines have been adding fees to their holiday flights so the prices have been going up. On the other side, the cruise lines have had some of the lowest rates for holiday travel in years.

Thanksgiving and Christmas cruises are the one of the few times each year that cruises are usually two to three times the normal rate. The usual reason is the basic supply and demand, where everyone wants to travel and cruise lines have limited inventory. Over the past couple of years that has changed with cruise lines adding bigger and bigger ships and cruise demand slightly declining with the economy.

This year I have seen some of the best cruise rates for cruises to all destinantions in years especially for Christmas. I have seen most a good number selling at less than $100 per day which is good for holiday season.

If you can stay away from the airport and take a cruise from a local homeport, you will be very pleased in what you can find out there.

Happy Cruising!!

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